Our Dinan Apartment

Dinan Living RoomWe will be renting a 15th century home in the heart of Dinan this year.  It’s a large, 3 story “townhouse” that was built as a merchants residence sometime around 1450. Pretty much this property is just what you would expect for its age and location.  Big wood beamed ceilings, stone walls, twisting staircase, etc.   

The house has:Exterior View of Apartment

4 full bedrooms
2 rooms with double beds
1 room with single/twins which can be shoved together if need be
1 room with two twins
2 full baths
1 with tub, shower, sink, toilet
1 with shower, sink and toilet.

None of the bathrooms are en suite.  We will all need to bite the bullet and do some sharing from time to time. (Note: Any large biped animal brushing its teeth in the kitchen sink is probably Mark.  Work around him the best you can.)

A large, well equipped kitchen with
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outside dining and hanging out space, with a bbq grill.

Big comfy furniture around a working wood fireplace for when it gets chilly. Wifi internet, washer and tumble dryer, all bed linens are included in the rental price.

 Dinan Kitchen ViewThe cost for lodging this year will be $225 for White room, $155 for Timber room, $95 for Harry Potter's Closet. Cost is per bedroom because we really don’t mind if you want to jam an extra person into your room.

This covers the cost of the rental, transfer fees, electrical fees and the stocking in of basic household supplies(toilet paper, snackies, etc). Everyone is encouraged to shop for what they love to eat and drink while at the house, we will have plenty of room for all to spread out and enjoy themselves.

Nita and I are planning on cooking a lot at the house in order to save money.  We will be there awhile, so we have to cut corners where we can. As guests you are not expected to join us, but of course are welcome to throw in your ideas for shopping and dinners.  If you see something you like at the market, grab it and we will find something tasty to do with it!  Some of our favorite evenings in Dinan were around the dinner table with friends, it would be great make those memories again.


There are a couple of large lots we can park in.  The house is on a small street near the port and we can park out front for a quick drop off, but long term parking will need to be in the public lots.  The rental agent tells me they are quite safe and there are rarely issues, but I would still encourage getting full coverage insurance and following standard rental car safety guidelines.

Dining Room

Bedroom #1

Bathroom #1

Bedroom #3


Bedroom #2

Bathroom #2

Bedroom #4