Dinan Stuff to Do

In Dinan:

We have lots of options for history and fun right in Dinan.  From touring the 14th century ramparts and castle, to a walk along the banks of the River Rance, there is no lack of stuff to do!

Castillo de Dinan
Here are a few links to random stuff we found so far.  If you find more, please post it to the gmail group so we can post it here!

(Honestly we are shooting in the dark here as none of us have been to Brittany.  For all we know Dinan is full of giant spiders and radioactive banana slugs.)

Port of Dinan

Dinan Tourism Office
Please be sure to make use of this office, the location is listed on the neighborhood map here on our website.  These offices are fantastic services that make sightseeing and travel so much easier.  Definitely not what we are used to in the US.  The official French Tourism offices are one of maybe 3 of things the French do better than us.
Dinan Creperie
France This Way!
Lots of great information on the local area and Dinan proper.  

Dinan and Brittany
This site seems to be more targeted to the greater Brittany area, but still some great info!
Dinan Cathedral

Day Trips:

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Rennes, The Capital of BrittanyRennes Parliament

Tourism Office
Rennes is a major political, educational, business and transportation center for Brittany.  Many markets, high end restaurants and museums.

There is also an informal “Festival Gourmand” that chefs participate in during September!

Rennes is one of the largest college cities in Brittany.  From what I gather there is some serious bar hopping to be had in RennesSt. Malo Beach.

St. Malo, City of Corsairs

Tourism Office
Easily reached by water taxi or car, St Malo is one of the twin cities on the mouth of the River Rance(Dinard being the other). Neck deep in history, there are museums dedicated to the medieval and later pirate activities in the English Channel to one of the best World War 2 museums in Brittany.

Mont St. Michel:Sheepies grazing in front of Mont St. Michel

Monks on a Mountain in an ocean... sometimes.  What time is it?
Tourism Office
Do any search for pictures of Normandy France and I guarantee this place will pop up in the first 20 images.  Go ahead, I’ll wait...
A short drive or long bus ride from Dinan, this is a day trip everyone should try to do.  It is truly one of the world’s most memorable places.

D-Day beaches

Info Pages
Hard to add much to the description of this day trip.  Its about an hour and a half drive from the house, and the cathedral and museum containing the Bayeux tapestry are in the immediate area.

Bayeux CathedralBayeux

Tourism Office
For us medieval history geeks, this is kinda a must see.  A huge linear tapestry depicting the run up and Battle of Hastings, the event that set the course for modern western history.
Not into history?  How about really long cartoons?  See?  Something for everyone.


Tourism Shellfish Tower!!Office
A foodie destination, Cancale has what are reputed to be the best oysters and mussels in the world, for almost free.  Not a bad combo!

Sail Tour: For those interested, we found a neat sailing tour out of Cancale.